Why is Marketing Important?

Why is marketing so important for business? A good question and you may well write a very extensive dissertation on this, but in essence it can be divided down into some key fundamental points. First, repel people who are not a good match for your offerings or services. It is how a company survives, develops and thrives.

Without marketing, a small business will quickly go out of business. As a small business owner, you need to ensure that you’re offering the best product or service in the market place, while ensuring that your potential customer has access to that product or service. This is where marketing comes in and why it’s become such an important aspect in the modern internet/ tele-communication environment. Without marketing, you wouldn’t be able to get a broadband line put in your house, or have a new website designed. You would also find it extremely difficult to launch a major advertising campaign without having to spend a lot of money; marketing is therefore an essential part of any new project.

As mentioned earlier, without proper marketing, a small business will either go under before it really gets off the ground or fail to launch altogether as an online brand or entity. For example, if you were developing and launching a new children’s video game, you would need to ensure that you reach your target audience. There are many different forms of digital marketing available to help you achieve this; however most successful businesses use a combination of these techniques to develop a firm marketing plan.

The second, and perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when asking yourself why is marketing important, is whether or not your online presence is sufficient. In other words, do you have a presence that gives potential customers a reason to come to you? While this may seem like a non-sequitur, if you fail to establish a presence and have no online presence, you will find that people searching for you on search engines will find another company to do business with – and they will not come to you. This is why it is important to develop an internet presence, which will help you stay afloat in a sea of competitors.

In order to build an online presence, as well as market effectively, you must be aware of the various methods and strategies that are available to you. One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is how your site has been ranked by search engines, and whether or not you are using effective keywords in your copy. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are something that you must be knowledgeable about if you want your website to rank highly on search results pages. Keywords are the phrases that potential customers will use to identify your brand when searching for products and services that your company offers.

Once you understand how search engine optimization works and what is involved in making your website optimized, you need to find ways in which you can promote your site and increase its traffic. One way is through social media marketing, in which you create profiles on popular networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You then share information and news about your brand through these platforms. In the long-term, this type of publicity can be very beneficial to your business, since it builds brand loyalty and allows you to reach out to new customers. Whether your business uses traditional advertising methods, such as newspaper ads, TV spots and billboards, or a more contemporary marketing strategy, such as social media marketing, you must be aware of the importance of building your brand loyalty.