Why Email Marketing Is Important – Three Reasons Why You Should Do It

Why is email marketing important? Well, keep in mind that most of the top marketers are using email as their main form of advertisement. In fact, it is considered to be the cheapest form of advertising. If you do not want to leave a big market opening for your competitors then this is the way to go!

why email marketing is important

Email marketing campaigns are known to be more cost-effective than other media types. This means that you can actually reach more people for less money. And here is another good reason why email marketing is so popular: because it has a very low threshold for acceptance and response. Let us look at two ways in which email marketing is a very low-cost, high-performance form of advertising.

The first best part is definitely the personalization part. Now I know what you are thinking- that you are paying for the emails and not for the person who will open them, right? Wrong! The personalization part of email marketing is often the deciding factor between your subscribers and your money.

The reason why personalization is the single best part about email marketing strategy is because this will allow your subscribers to feel that they got something from you. You gave them information and a link to your website. But did you also give them a reason why they need to click on your link and trust your brand or business? Most probably not. Your subscriber list is going to have thousands of other subscribers and you are hoping that your personalization will get you a few responses from these people.

The second best part of email marketing is automation workflows. This automation workflows will allow you to send your emails out based on pre-defined criteria and schedule your emails for different time intervals based on your subscribers’ individual demographics. For example, let’s say you have an opt-in page that only allows people who are 18 years old and above to sign up. Then you can set your email marketing platform to send these emails to this list only when a certain percentage of this age group signs up for your newsletter.

Lastly, we come to the final benefit – the high ROI. The high ROI refers to the amount of profit you can actually make from the investment you make in your email marketing channels. So now you have the three most important benefits of email marketing: personalization, automation, and high Return On Investment. Remember that in order to create a high ROI, you have to invest in your own content and target your subscribers with the right messages at the right time. So if you want to start generating leads in an automated fashion and turn these leads into paying customers then it is time that you learn more about these three important email marketing channels.