Which of the Following Statements is Accurate About Marketing Arbitrants?

A. All Internet marketing intermediaries are “created equal.” There is no such thing as an Internet marketer who creates his business using a sole Internet account and an exclusively focused marketing approach. All Internet marketers, the vast majority of them, are multitudes of diverse experts with diverse skills and viewpoints, including a wide range of specialized marketing disciplines such as search engine optimization, link building, pay-per-click, and social media. No Internet marketer is “unique,” despite what the thousands of Internet marketing glossaries tell us.

which of the following statements is accurate regarding marketing intermediaries

B. The key to marketing intermediaries’ success is being a good salesperson. While many of today’s online business people are very good at what they do, there is still room for improvement: although most business owners say that their best salespeople are always their friends, it takes a long and consistent effort by oneself to master some of the more subtle sales and networking skills that will inevitably be required for effective internet marketing.

C. The only way to effectively promote any of the Internet marketing intermediaries, including your own business, is to have a marketing plan. Sales and networking skills are useless if they are not backed up by a sound marketing plan. D. Anyone who doubts the value of a proven, comprehensive marketing strategy should consider just how much money and time it will take them to complete a comprehensive marketing plan. E. Marketing intermediaries need to be trusted, and they must not be seen as nothing more than profit generators. An Internet marketing professional should never forget that he or she is running a business.

A. All of the Internet marketing intermediaries listed in this article are true. They are all well-known and respected in their fields. However, they are not all successful, and their success is not always reflected in the bottom line. It is important for Internet marketing professionals to remember that each business has its own unique demographics, and only a solid marketing plan can bring true success to these businesses.

B. This all depends upon the Internet marketing professional’s own personal goals and objectives. There are many different types of Internet marketing intermediaries and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. A professional may find that using social network marketing (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is more effective than paid search marketing, but the Internet marketing professional may believe that his or her website is so unique and popular that paid advertising will not bring the same results.

C. Although there are many different types of Internet marketing intermediaries, there are only a few which are considered to be “real” market leaders in the field. The top Internet marketing companies and services include Google, Yahoo, and AOL, although smaller or newer Internet businesses may also create strong online businesses. Each one of the top-marketing companies provides unique services, and the type of services offered by each company ranges widely. Therefore, the most important question of which of the following statements is accurate regarding marketing intermediaries?