Which of the Following Illustrates How Marketing Has a Direct Impact on Consumers?

Marketing, like any other process in business, has both good and bad effects on consumers. Some marketers would say that the main bad effect is the damage to the market share of competitors, especially if the marketing is done without a strategic plan. On the other hand, some marketers would claim that the good effect of marketing is the creation of brand loyalty, increased customer loyalty and word-of-mouth publicity.

which of the following illustrates how marketing has a direct impact on consumers

The first question that must be answered is: in what way does marketing affect the market share of a product? The answer is that it depends. Marketers may use any of the techniques available. They could advertise using television, radio or even newspapers and magazines, all of which have the same purpose – to attract buyers for the product that they are selling. However, if the message is well-crafted and interesting enough, it would be noticed by the target market.

The other aspect that marketers would need to consider is the quality of the marketing techniques they use. A cheap technique would not be memorable at all, and therefore, it would not be able to convince a consumer to buy the product. At the same time, an expensive technique might not be effective either, and therefore it would not be necessary. It should be able to address the problem of a consumer’s lack of confidence in advertising. Otherwise, the message would be considered as useless, since there would be no point in presenting it in the first place.

To sum it up, marketing can either have an advantage or disadvantage for the marketer, depending on his or her strategies. Marketers should be able to determine which marketing techniques would help them increase their profits and which would damage their credibility in the market. They should be aware of the costs involved in each strategy and make sure that they are balanced out by the return they expect from such strategies. By doing so, marketers will be able to achieve the goal of marketing in the best possible way.

{T, which of the following illustrates how marketing has a direct impact on consumers? Marketing has an undeniable impact on the market, especially on the consumer’s level of confidence in that market. When consumers feel better about them, they will buy more products from that brand or company. In this sense, marketing techniques have a direct impact on the level of income and market share.