What Is the Marketing Concept Definition?

The Internet has created many new opportunities for businesses and the knowledge of what is the marketing concept has expanded greatly. In order to take advantage of this fact it is necessary for a business to gain a clear understanding of the concepts that underlie the Internet as a market place. The primary objective of the business is to create customer demand, which will result in increased sales.

what is the marketing concept

To understand what is the marketing concept, it is necessary to break down the concept into at least four conceptual elements. These are the demographic makeup of the audience, their purchasing power, the purchasing behavior of this audience and the marketing strategies adopted by the business. The marketing strategies include the types of advertisements or promotions that are undertaken by the business, the duration of these promotional activities and their relative frequency. Each of these four conceptual elements is equally important and each will play an important role in how effectively a business can reach its target audience.

The demographic makeup of the customer is an essential element of what is the marketing concept philosophy. This consists of the age, gender and location of the customer. This information allows marketers to determine the interests, needs and desires of the customers. When this information is combined with the purchase histories of the customers it provides a clearer picture of what they want from a company and helps them to tailor their purchases to meet these needs.

Another important element of what is the marketing concepts is to identify the purchasing behaviors of the customer. This includes the amount of time they spend on a particular website, the pages they visit most often and the various items on which they may rate or evaluate. This information helps to determine which products and services offer the most benefit to the customers. In most cases the production concept will be used to guide the marketing concepts that describe the distribution methods, pricing and promotions used by the company. The production concept also guides any special promotions that are designed to increase customer participation and improve the delivery system.

The competition concept provides a way to evaluate the various strategies that are being used by your competitors. This is typically a very broad category and includes such things as advertisements, media coverage and discounts. The more accurate an analysis of the strategies used by your competitors the better you can adjust your own strategies so as to be most effective marketing concepts. Competition analysis provides a means to establish what is the most efficient distribution method, what would be the most effective promotion strategy and whether you need to introduce any new product offerings.

An important part of what is the marketing concept definition is the audience identification portion. The audience is defined as the target group for which the strategic marketing efforts will be directed. It is important to note that the audience will likely change over time as people become more educated about their own lives and their choices and those of other individuals in their social network.