What is the First Step in the Marketing Research Process?

Marketing Research is a very important part of the Business and my Website design; however, many people do not realize that they should be taking steps to gain an understanding of the market before investing their time and money into it. What is the first step in the marketing research process? First, you should be sure that your market is defined! This means that you should have a clear understanding as to what your target market is and what you plan to do to reach out to them. This will make marketing more effective and save you from wasting time and money.

what is the first step in the marketing research process

Next, you should be sure that your market is targeted! It is imperative that your market has a definite need or want. This can be determined by doing a few simple demographic research. What age bracket does your target market typically fall into? What occupation or career are they into? If you ask a group of people what is the first step in the marketing research process, you would hear different answers depending on what the group is comprised of.

Now that you know who your target audience is, it’s time to do some basic demographic research! In order to determine which marketing strategies will be best suited for your demographic, you need to look at the purchasing habits of your customers. How often do they purchase items from your company? How many times per week do they turn to your website? Knowing these types of things will give you an idea of your ideal customer.

Knowing what is the first step in the marketing research process is knowing what type of advertisement would be most appealing to your customer. For example, if you sell products that are used everyday by your target demographic such as cleaning supplies and food, your advertisement should be geared towards the desires and likes of your potential customers. You wouldn’t want to run an advertisement that is way out of style because your target demographic would deem it to be unprofessional.

When answering the question “what is the first step in the marketing research process?” you should also have a strategy in place when creating your advertising. Your first step should be to do some basic keyword research on the products or services that you’re offering. This will help you figure out what words people are using to search for the product you’re offering.

After you have determined what is the first step in the research, your next task is to create a detailed marketing strategy! If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of “SEO for Dummies” so that you have a clear and concise roadmap to help you build the website and rank it well in all the major search engines. This book is absolutely incredible and will give you insider knowledge on how to put together a great landing page that gets a ton of traffic to your site. Once you have the website up and running, you need to start driving traffic to it! The link in the resource box below will provide you with some excellent free resources that will help you take your online business to the next level.