What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social media refers to a growing number of online services like microblogging, Twitter, Face book and many more that have become a part of our daily lives. These sites are used by millions around the world and serve as a source of information and interaction. So what is social media marketing? Well, it is simply the use of various social media sites and platforms to promote a business or a service.

what is social media marketing

In this case, we need to define our strategy before engaging into a social network marketing strategy. A good brand strategy will help us know our target audience better. Knowing our target audience will also help us determine our strategy. Researching on the usage of social networks by major target audiences will also help us define our strategy. And lastly, developing an effective marketing mix using these social networks will allow us to get closer to our customers.

The first strategy we will explore is “Bridging the gap between SEO and Social Media.” When we compare the results of Search Engine Optimization with those of social networks, we will recognize that there are gaps in the optimization process. For instance, on Google+ there is a “Like” button, but this button is only applicable for Google profiles. Therefore, it is important for brands to get a “Buddy” feature on their Google+ profile so that their connections will be informed about the status of their brand and if they are linked to their Google account.

Branding using online media requires the integration of all available platforms to create a seamless experience. This process starts with an idea for a brand strategy and implementation. Next is media management and managing social media on various platforms. Media management refers to the act of improving the way a brand is perceived by its audience and how this perception is affected by search results, reviews and comments. In short, it is about media literacy.

Branders will also need to learn how to use social media platforms for SEO purposes. Search engine optimization is a set of processes which include elements such as link building, content optimization and keyword research. Link building assists marketers in promoting their websites by increasing the likelihood that their website will be found in a relevant and high profile website. Content optimization refers to the strategic use of keywords in generating content for a website to improve its search ranking. Keyword research aids in creating the best keywords to be used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, we have presented four strategies on what is social media marketing. We have discussed how to create a strategy, evaluate your current marketing strategies and decide on the best platform to use. Brands will then need to determine the best social media platform and integrate it with their existing SEO strategy to best achieve their business goals. Finally, they must learn how to use social media for SEO and get the most from their platform.