What is SEO Marketing? Know Its Importance

What is SEO marketing? SEO marketing is one of the pillars of an effective online presence. In simple terms, search engine optimization is a technique which aims at making the website of the business visible to most of the web users through various search engines. The concept is quite similar to that of SEO but the method is a bit different. SEO is a long term process, whereas SEO marketing is short term in nature.

what is seo marketing

It may seem a daunting task to understand what is SEO marketing and how it can help your business. To begin with, let us analyze why SEO is important. If your website does not make it to the top ranks of the search engines, chances are you will not get much traffic. This will not only affect your sales but also adversely affect the image of your company.

You may have heard about search engine spamming but in the real sense, the term is quite misleading. Search engines never use random software to detect spam websites. They check for certain parameters like the number of links on the website, the existence of back links and also the number of times the website has been website. If the number of links on the website is less than five, the website is not spam.

What are SEO marketing and what does it have to do with sales? With the assistance of SEO, your website will reach the top positions of the search results. This will attract more web users who intend to find out more about your products or services. When web users get to know more about your company, they will definitely come back to your website again. This implies more traffic and more sales.

What are SEO marketing and how much impact does it have on your business? SEO will give your website an edge over other web sites that are launched every day. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo have their own marketing strategies. One of these is called Search Engine Optimization. Even though this strategy is effective, the impact of it is indirect.

Search engine optimization focuses more on improving the visibility of a website rather than the number of visitors. If you improve its visibility you will certainly get more traffic. The major search engines give points for website quality, which includes the number of pages indexed by the search engine, the popularity of the domain and many more. Because of this, more web users who find your website via search engines will automatically increase. This increases your chance of getting more sales. This is one reason why what is SEO marketing has become very popular among business owners these days.