What Is Integration Marketing?

What is Integration Marketing? And how will it send you thousands of targeted visitors to your website for Free? Niche Affiliate’s Niche Affiliate is a great source of internet marketing strategies that you can learn from. She is a successful ROI superstar having over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience.

what is integration marketing

The internet is the ideal marketing medium for what is known as “Behavioral Marketing”. In other words you are not marketing a product, but by the behavior of the people who want to buy that product. That is what makes behavioral marketing so effective. Unlike pay-per-click and search engine optimization techniques this technique gets results instantly. This is called the power of context.

Niche Affiliate is one of many products available that offer what is integration marketing. To make the most money out of this type of promotion, it is necessary to create a customer base before selling your affiliated product. You will need a website to sell your affiliate products and a membership site to keep in contact with your customer base. Once your sales process is set up, the customer will fill out a short online form and be sent to your sales page where they will choose an affiliate link to purchase your product.

To maximize your returns, you must ensure that your sales process is both automated and customer friendly. In order to do this you should have a membership site with an opt-in page. On your opt-in page you can set up an automatic email follow-up sequence that will send an email to each visitor on the list once they have filled out the opt in form. At the same time you can schedule messages to be sent out in batches or as people join and leave your list.

This is the core of what is integration marketing and how can it send you thousands of targeted visitors. When someone clicks your affiliate link from your sales page, they will be redirected to your sales page where they can choose to purchase your product or membership. The person has taken action after clicking one of your links, which means that they have read and understand what you are offering. They are ready to purchase because they were informed and understand what they are going to get for their money.

That is the power of what is integration marketing and how can it send you thousands of targeted visitors to your website. If you want to use the power of article marketing to bring in traffic to your blog then you should consider setting up an automated blog post submitter for WordPress. There is a free plug-in available called WP-FLD which will automate the submission of all your post to several article directories.