What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Marketing communications, or marketing and sales promotion as it is more commonly known, is the most important channel in any company’s business cycle. It allows a company to promote and sell its products and services in a number of ways to a large number of target markets. In order for a company to be successful in their integrated marketing communications efforts, however, they must make sure that they are able to successfully implement the various channels into their overall marketing plan.

what is integrated marketing communications

Marketing communications, in general, involves the creation of a strong image that can then be used in various ways to influence the buying decisions of your customers. For this reason, integrated marketing communications requires a strong ability to persuade people in various industries, including the purchasing decisions of customers within their own industry. In order to be effective at using different channels in their overall plan, companies must make sure that they are properly handling each of the elements that go into making up a strong marketing and sales campaign. This includes everything from the messages that are being sent out via direct mail campaigns, to the different promotional opportunities that are available through the use of television commercials and radio advertisements.

In order to be effective at their jobs, marketers must have a good understanding of how the various channels involved work. The way that the marketing materials that you are using all work towards creating an image for your company, both through traditional and digital means, is through what is known as segmentation. Basically, segmentation tells you what type of audience you are trying to reach, as well as what kind of messages you are trying to send across to this audience. In short, it involves the creation of different campaigns, whether it is a full-blown television or radio commercial campaign or it is just a brochure or leaflet that is being distributed to a certain demographic. The whole point of these communications is that they are trying to create a persona for your company in the minds of your target audience.

Now, integrated marketing campaigns take this persona one step further. What this really comes down to is the idea that by designing a campaign, you are actually taking the entire concept of what is integrated marketing communications and applying it to every aspect of the business. Instead of just creating a television commercial or radio advertisement campaign, you are making sure that you are thinking about the different ways that you can get your message across to your customers and potential customers. This includes everything from the print on the envelopes that you are printing on to the different types of posters and flyers that you are using. Basically, what this means is that you are going to be fully aware of everything that you are doing with every single aspect of your campaign.

Beyond segmentation, marketers are also looking into what is called behavioral data. This refers to the ability to analyze the reactions that people have to your promotional materials. This is actually the core of your integrated marketing strategy, and it consists of things like how well your advertisements are actually selling among your demographic, the response rates that you are seeing on a daily basis, the conversion rates that you are seeing on a weekly basis, and even the response that you are still getting after six months of having your promotional campaigns up and running. By analyzing the response rates, marketers will have a good idea of what type of advertising and marketing pieces they should be focusing on as part of their overall campaign.

The final component that these marketing strategies make use of is database communication. In short, this term refers to the ability for you to get all of your promotional materials to work together in the same way so that your customers can find what they need when they are ready to buy. In the past, marketers would have to store all of this information separately, and it could take up a lot of valuable real estate on their office desk. Today, however, all of the information that is related to marketing strategies is stored in one place that can easily be accessed by sales reps and customer service representatives. This means that the company who has developed the strategy will work to ensure that all pieces of the puzzle fit neatly together so that your prospective clients will have everything that they need to know about your brand when they are ready to make a purchase. Database communication is a very important component of successful interdepartmental cooperation.