What Is Guerilla Marketing?

What is guerilla marketing? This question may be hovering around your head since the recent recession has made you look into new business models. If you are looking for new ways to earn money online, then you should consider this interesting strategy. In this article, we will explore what guerilla marketing is, how it can help you earn extra cash on the Internet, and what is its definition.

what is guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which an individual uses unconventional and/or surprise interactions with various individuals or groups in order to advertise a product or service to the public. It is also a form of non-conventional publicity. The term was originated by Jay Conrad Levinson’s famous 1984 book Guerilla Marketing. In this book, he explains the advantages of using guerilla tactics in marketing. While conventional methods are laden with potential risks and limitations, guerilla marketing tactics go beyond these limiting factors.

First of all, ambushes are usually planned beforehand and executed during normal business hours. This ensures that there will be no sort of visible traces of the ambush marketing campaign in the consumer’s behavior. This includes the use of loud noises, flash lights, ringing mobile phones, smoke, and other forms of visible “ambush” tactics. The purpose is to draw attention to the brand or logo of the advertiser and create awareness about the brand and its offerings.

The concept of what is guerilla marketing was further defined by marketing strategist David Brinkley in his book Surrounding Your Products With Ambush Tactics. Brinkley argues that guerilla marketing works well in situations where conventional advertising techniques cannot be employed because such techniques tend to generate resistance from consumers. The resistance is generated not only from the consumers but from the corporate establishments that have traditionally been the targets of these ads. The concept of ambushing as a technique of covert advertising has been around for a long time. The term is derived from the practice of U.S. Army psychological warfare during World War II where flyers would drop leaflets over enemy territory to create confusion and spread panic.

What is guerilla marketing, however, does not only apply to the military. It also applies to campaigns at the micro level. Companies need to create awareness at their consumer level through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms, especially Facebook, have become an important source of referral sources and content for brands. These sources of social media content will help the company gain more social media followers.

Ambush marketing, however, takes things one step further. By employing guerrilla tactics and employing subtlety in the way these tactics are carried out, the entire campaign can be rendered ineffective. Guerilla marketing is essentially the antithesis of traditional marketing, because it does not seek to engage its audience in conventional ways. What is guerilla marketing, then, is an evolved form of advertising that relies less on brand recognition and more on generating controversy and unpredictability to deliver its intended results.