What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

Marketing is an ever changing business and the work environment for marketing managers has also evolved with the times. The traditional job description of a marketing manager was that of a corporate executive and was held by the top marketing executives in the industry. Marketing managers worked at the top of the food chain or in large companies where they were the highest paid employees. Today, they are usually hired by smaller companies and are responsible for the overall marketing strategy of that company. Their main role in the strategy is to identify new opportunities and to find markets that aren’t being explored within the company.

what does a marketing manager do

Marketing managers work with their team to determine the best strategy for marketing the company. They play the pivotal role in bringing the company s product or services to the public and are heavily involved in the marketing strategies of their departments. They can work through a number of different avenues to achieve this, including social media marketing, direct mail or digital marketing to name a few. They also coordinate with the sales, service and consumer representatives to ensure that the public is aware of products and services that are offered by the company. One of the major jobs of a marketing manager is to make sure that the company is using the most cost effective methods to reach their consumers.

One of the most important jobs of a marketing manager is to help formulate pricing strategies that will keep the company in business. This includes looking at each individual salesperson s role within the organization and developing various ways to measure their productivity. One of the most common ways to evaluate marketing managers is to compare their performance against a previous year and see how each one measures up.

A marketing manager also oversees the overall strategic direction of the entire company. He or she will handle all of the staff functions, delegating the duties to his or her employees. In addition to overseeing the staff function’s functions, a marketing manager will be responsible for the day to day running of the company and keeping it all running smoothly. This includes planning employee meetings, conducting training sessions and other functions that are directly related to the running of the company. Keeping track of everything that a marketing manager does is one of the main responsibilities of the position; especially in regards to finances.

Another key role that a marketing manager plays is developing and implementing advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns can take many forms and each year companies come up with new campaigns that are unique and interesting. It takes a marketing manager to find innovative ways to get the message out about their products and services. They will also consult with customers on what they want and what would not interest them. They may also work closely with executives to determine what would be the best advertising strategy to take.

There are a number of positions that marketing managers could hold if they desired to. Many companies prefer that marketing managers hold a master’s degree or have a four year degree in marketing. Graduates looking to pursue a job in the field of marketing should keep these key things in mind as they begin their search for a job within the industry.