Helping Your Friend With Her Marketing Plan For Her New Business

So, your friend is developing a marketing plan for her new business. You’ve asked her how she’s going to get it done and she tells you that she’ll need to find someone to help her with the website. What should she put into it? Should she have a team of people working on it full time? Should she outsource the work? Should she put it all in an ecommerce site?

A great way for your friend to get started with her new business is to simply take a look at some of the websites she finds around. Look at what they have to offer and what their overall theme is. Look at how much work goes into each page and what type of design is involved. If you notice that they are not doing a very good job of promoting her business, tell your friend to take a pass. This step may seem scary at first, but if you continue to follow this advice your friend is going to be impressed with your friend’s progress.

Your friend’s first order of business will be to get together all the information for her new business. Does she need any licenses? What kind of permits does she need to get for her business? What kind of insurance is required? The answers to these questions are going to be what she will need in order to open her business.

Next, your friend is going to need a business plan. This is basically a grand plan for her new company. It details every step of your friend’s plans and explains what she’s hoping to accomplish with her new business. It is not as extensive as a marketing plan, but it is a plan that lays out exactly what your friend is hoping to do. It also explains why she is taking the steps she is taking and why she thinks it can work.

Your friend has developed a marketing plan for her new business, but does she have a way to market her business? She needs to get the word out. She needs a business website or she needs to use article marketing or she can use pay per click advertising. Any of these methods are good for getting the word out about her business. They all cost money, but each takes time to set up and implement, so your friend is going to be busy for quite some time.

Finally, your friend needs to develop a customer list. She should try to build this list organically. She can buy leads online or she can develop a list on her own through other people. It is up to her whether or not she tries to build this list organically and if she decides to use an outside source for leads, she has to be sure that person is trustworthy. If your friend is developing a marketing plan for her new business you can help her with each step of the way.