4 Ps of What is Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing? Social marketing is the process by which businesses create and publicize a message to target a specific, select audience. An example of this would be a product/service that a business sells to medical professionals. The marketing strategy would focus on medical professionals who would make buying decisions and spread the message to their peers and colleagues.

what is social marketing

Social marketing has the ultimate goal of influencing consumers to perform “beneficial behavior”. The concept is simple; the more people purchase a product, service or information item, the more the company profits. Traditional commercial advertising aims at generating large revenues, but they can also have significant positive social impacts as well. In the context of social marketing, social media marketing would promote community, increase awareness and encourage changes in behavior among customers. For example:

How to Start a Social Marketing Campaign You probably won’t need any money to start your social marketing campaign. However, it is important to start planning early so you have enough time to plan the scope of your campaign and determine the most appropriate message and platforms for your customers to consume your product or use your services. There are a few different ways you can start your marketing campaign, such as: Blogs. You can also create an official Facebook page or you can use other social media networks such as Twitter.

Examples of Social Media Marketing A great benefit of social media marketing campaigns is that you are able to reach an audience that may not normally be included in audience demographics. For example: dating sites, blogs, message boards and discussion groups. These sites tend to appeal to a very specific audience because they are targeted towards specific needs, tastes or interests. With the ability to connect with a targeted audience, your message is more likely to be received and respond to. Additionally, these types of communities tend to offer better support and encouragement for your product or service than general websites.

4 Ps of What is Social Marketing Although marketing your product or service using social media offers many benefits, you still need to be aware of some common pitfalls. Perhaps the most common pitfall of what is social marketing is that customers tend to develop an “us vs. them” attitude. This means that your message becomes too personal and can turn off some potential customers. Keep in mind that when you are providing feedback or discussing your services on a personal level, your customers will see that as an extension of yourself. So it is important to keep personal communication at an appropriate level.

How to Create an Effective Social Marketing Campaign When planning how to launch your next social marketing campaign, consider the types of questions you would like to get answered from your customers. Consider what types of information would be most beneficial to your target audience and include that information in your campaign water bottles. Remember that everyone has different needs and habits. Keep your messages timely and relevant to meet their needs.